It has been a while!

After finishing most of my work, I found some time and extra time and decided to work on this website. I put my updates and development for the website under Website Development, instead I want to focus on what this site will contain context-wise.

My plan is to do posts based on different fields I am studying, as well as overall posts that would be more general. Different types of posts include:

  • Topics in Computer Science
    • Neural Networks/Machine Learning
    • Computational and Complexity Theory
    • Web Development
    • Computer Graphics
    • etc…
  • General/Update
  • Development Log
    • I may keep also keep such logs inside of individual project wikis as well.

As for the current design, I am planning on changing the layout heavily and doing more development overall.

Website Development

After a long break from editing this site due to courses and work I decided to hop back in. However, I wanted to over-haul my initial design and take in a template approach instead. This would allow me to do basic posts without any heavy-lifting each time I would create a new page. So I needed to focus on design.

Current Design & Implementation

I originally planned on using Bootstrap with AngularJS to do some basic templating, I would also include JQuery to use Bootstraps different functions such as Dropdown menus. Unfortunately, I found Angular to be too much effort for a basic system, and it didn’t work well for templating alone unless paired with a system like Jade in NodeJS/Express.

From reading more into Github Pages, I found that Jekyll was a better solution since it allowed me to generate the pages instantly, as well as incorporate Ruby which seemed to be better suited for this situation when compared to just client-side JavaScript. I could incorporate npm packages and other methods to templating and using tools such as markdown, but I found that Jekyll does all of that for me.

Future Implementation

Currently, the site is based on the default template given by Jekyll. I am planning on updating this by creating a new, dynamic template based on others shown in sites such as JekyllThemes.org. Although I could simply download and replace my current site with these themes, I find that many of them have issues that I would have to search through and would also do my own implementation as well.


Overall, I am planning on being more active on this site, as well as make the site itself more unique. I want to have more posts and active development so that I gain more for my own research and development in different projects.